Thin Line Series (Police-Fire-Dispatch-EMS-Military)


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We honor our Police, Fire, Dispatchers, EMS and Military with our beautifully designed traditional thin line flags. See below for information on each “Thin Line”.

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The Thin Blue Line is a symbol used by law enforcement to commemorate fallen officers, express solidarity with the police and to show police as the protectors of the citizenry from the criminal element in our communities.

The Thin Red Line is a symbol used by fire departments to show respect for firefighters injured and killed in the line of duty. As firefighters are periled, they place their lives second to those they protect. They are forced to face their own fears and grasp for every ounce of courage to perform the necessary task. “The Thin Red Line of Courage” represents the last ounce of courage firefighters find deep in their blood to conquer their darkest fears in order to save and protect life and property.

The Thin Gold Line is for those professionals that have dedicated their lives, hearts, and souls to being on the other end of a phone or radio when society needs them most. They are the voice that calms the frightened mother whose baby is not breathing.

The Thin White Line represents EMS Officials. It honors all those who serve in emergency medical services, including Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians.

The Thin Green Line is a symbol that is used to show support for the men and women of our military. It is also used to show support of our federal law enforcement agents such as border patrol, park rangers and conservation personnel.

Each flag we create is one of a kind due to the process of “charring and starring” to create a worn, antiqued look. This flag is perfect for indoor or outdoor display.

Please allow two weeks fulfillment period when ordering. Flags are only shipped within the United States and are sent via UPS Ground/Home Delivery (tracking number provided). Custom orders accepted – contact us to inquire.


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