The Front Line


Flag sizes available:

Each flag we create is one of a kind due to the process of “charring and starring” to create a worn, antiqued look. This flag is perfect for indoor or outdoor display.

Please allow two weeks fulfillment period when ordering. Flags are only shipped within the United States and are sent via FedEx Ground/Home Delivery (tracking number provided). Custom orders accepted – contact us to inquire.


“The Front Line” is dedicated to the Soldier, Marine, Sailor, Airman and many more who replaced their red, white, and blue with the subdued American flag worn in battle. This flag reminds us of the risk endured by those who carry the banner of freedom overseas. These brave servicemen were often unable to wear colorful patches on their uniforms in order to improve their camouflage. This is our modest tribute to them…the front line Americans.


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