Welcome to Charred and Starred Flag Company

Just like the name says, each flag is “charred and starred” to create a unique flag honoring our nation’s proud history and to celebrate the men and women who have sacrificed so much on the front lines of America and foreign shores protecting our freedoms.

American Flags

Custom made 50 star traditional Red, White and Blue flag or in Black & White.

Thin Line Series

We honor our Police, Fire, Dispatchers, EMS and Military with our beautifully designed traditional thin line flags.

Texas Thin Line Series

Everything is bigger in Texas and these handcrafted “charred” flags honor our frontline Police, Fire, Dispatch,  and EMS heroes.

Custom Thin Line Flags

Add a logo, patch or emblem from your Police Department, Fire Department, Dispatch or EMS.

Military Flags
Choose your branch of service and we will create a one of a kind flag honoring your sacrifice and service.
Custom Military Flags

From Patton’s 3rd Army to Seal Team 3 to America’s Fab “Five”, we can design and create custom Military Flags.

Custom Logo and Lettering Flags
Showcase your business, your favorite sports team, or custom lettering to create a truly unique flag.
Coin Holders

Turn any of our flags into a coin holder.  Showcase all your military, law enforcement and first responder coins and keepsakes.

Veteran and First Responder Tribute Flags
More than just a flag, these specialty flags can create a one of a kind remembrance for you or your loved one.
Texas Flags

Choose our traditional Texas Flag or replace the star with your favorite, logo, emblem or psorts team.

Custom Split Flags

These “split” flags combine the beauty of the American flag with any number of possibilities.  All you need is an imagination.  Check out some of what we have already done.

Custom Company Signs allow you to showcase your business. Let us help you design your one of a kind sign.

This Thin Blue Line Tactical gear shelf is great for Law Enforcement Officers and Veterans.

What’s more Patriotic than the Pledge of Allegiance?

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